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Thursday, 21 October 2010


A quick post about a recent visit. I partly want to mention it because it was a model visit in terms of organisation by the librarian in charge - Ruth Kaye. A nice overnight stay for me, a decent fee - thank you! - and a lovely reason for the event: it was a special project involving an adult book group getting together with a teenage book group. Everyone knew why I was there and there felt like a real point to the trip. I know that funding for things like this is difficult and I'm just very grateful to everyone involved.

They all asked some great questions. I also mentioned some other authors whose books I admire - Gillian Philip and Keren David, were your ears burning?

Cheterfield Library, Intergenerational Book Group, Oct 8th
Here we all are. I'm the Woman in Black, third from the left. Ruth is to the far right, with blonde hair. 

I was amazed to discover that I was the author chosen to do this. I had assumed that it was an ongoing project with several authors, but it was a one-off and just with ONE author. It's the first time they've done it and they picked me when they could have picked a load of other people.I asked Ruth why they'd picked me and she said, "Because you're a cross-over author, and because your website said all the right things."

I think getting adults and teenagers together to read and talk about books is a wonderful idea. Which is why it's rather sad and frustrating to hear that when Ruth had asked all the adult book groups which one would like to do this project, the others weren't interested. Seems they thought teenage books were beneath them. I wonder if they've read any. The number of times I have told someone I'm a teenage author and they say, "Oh, what, like Jacqueline Wilson / the Harry Potter books." No, no, no. Open your eyes to what's out there, people. There's a world of teenage books and some of them will make you think more deeply and more interestingly than many adult ones.

Someone recently said to me, "I wish you'd written Wasted for adults." Thing is, I did, because I don't care how old you are. If you like Wasted, then I wrote it for you and I am blind to your age.

Thank you to the Chesterfield adult and teenage readers. It was lovely to meet you and I loved your questions and your enthusiasm. And the hat...


Jan Jones said...

Libraries are just lovely!

I've said for years that children's and YA books are far more open-minded and risk-taking than adult books. In a lot of cases they are a lot more interesting too!

Nicola Morgan said...

Jan - thank you. Of course, lots are not very deep and interesting at all, just as lots of adults books aren't / are. But I do wish more people would try the good ones, and then they'd think like you.

catdownunder said...

Someone asked me what they should read for a particular project for a final year project recently. I mentioned The Graveyard Book (appropriate to the topic). The librarian said she had never heard of it (ouch!). The teen read it and then there were suddenly 37 requests for it - 11 by adults. It is still doing the rounds...which just goes to show that a good I suggested Wasted to the teen and...purring by now despite the bathroom?

Kristin Pedroja said...

What a fantastic idea! I'd love to do something like this with my book group. Hope other librarians take note.