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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Would you like to buy signed copies of any of my books? For Christmas? For presents? For yourself? Your school? For November only, I'm selling signed copies, while stocks last. That's Christmas sorted for your book-loving friends and family, anyway!

These are the books I have available, with the cover price. Please see my website for details about content, but I've added some very brief extra guidance to help you choose. All the teenage ones are also considered as cross-over, enjoyed as much by adults.

NB: I can only accept UK money in payment, unless you are prepared to cover the rather annoying commission that banks charge to change the currency. I will post overseas, but need to charge a bit more for postage - ask for details.

So, here are the books I have available:

Teenage / cross-over
  • Fleshmarket - now described as a "classic", probably my best known book, used widely in schools as a set text; it's the shock and gore that teenagers like, and the evocative history that adults like - £5.99
  • Deathwatch - a sinister thriller with a sad twist - £6.99
  • Wasted - the new one that people are going about, currently on four award shortlists; I don't recommend for under 12s - £6.99
  • The Passionflower Massacre - if you liked Wasted, you'll like this - £5.99
  • Blame My Brain - non-fiction, explains teenage behaviour, written FOR teenagers but grabbed eagerly by their adults - £5.99
  • Sleepwalking - I only have a few copies of this but it is many people's favourite, especially for keen teenage readers and especially girls - £5.99

Slightly younger but also enjoyed by adults
  • Know Your Brain - non-fiction, shows how the brain works and how your brain in particular works - £5.99
  • The Highwayman's Footsteps - thrilling historical adventure set in 1761, based on Alfred Noyes poem, The Highwayman; suitable for 10+, including teenagers. It's quite long, so for the younger ages they'd need to be keen readers - £6.99
  • The Highwayman's Curse - sequel to the above, same two central characters but this time set in Scotland, and dealing with the aftermath and hatred of the Killing Times - £6.99

  • Chicken Friend - light-hearted and funny but with a serious core; the cover, รก la Jacqueline Wilson, makes it look girl-oriented - £4.99. 
UK Postage & packing: £1 for up to three books. £2.50 for more. Sorry I have to add a bit on, but this is not the full cost.

So, would you like some / one? Here's what to do:
  1. Email with details of your request - titles, who you'd like each signed to, name and address for delivery; how you'd like to pay. (Cheque or UK bank transfer. If Paypal, I need to add on the Paypal commission, of just over 5%.)
  2. I will email you back to confirm whether I have the books in stock and give you my address for payment, or bank details if you want to use paypal or bank transfer.
  3. If you're ordering four books or more, I'll need payment in advance, and I'll post them as soon as I receive your payment. For orders of fewer than four, I'm happy to post the books and you can pay when the books are on their way.
  4. Last orders November 30th.

And THANK YOU for every order! I am seriously grateful. Do let anyone know who might be interested.

Christmas, sorted!

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