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Saturday, 29 May 2010


Which is your favourite bit of Wasted, and why?

If you would like to win a signed copy of any of my other in-print books, just answer that question in no more than 60 words and email it to with the words FAV SCENE COMP in the subject line.

Closing date: June 30th 2010
I will email the winner and ask for an address and your choice of prize after June 30th.

I'll tell you my favourite scene, but you don't get extra points for having the same favourite as mine! The competition is all about how you explain why your favourite is your favourite. And I'm looking for a perceptive take on the scene, something that gets under its skin a bit.

My favourite is the beach scene near the end. For those who haven't read it: it's after the Leavers' Prom and Jack, Jess and lots of friends go to the beach for a late night party. They light fires, toast marshmallows and drink. They talk and mess around. I love the atmosphere, the wood smoke, the dizziness, the euphoria of the end of their schooldays, the feeling as Jess and Jack wrap their arms around each other; and the readers' horrible knowledge that something terrible is about to happen, that this is the end of innocence, the end of peace. They are hanging onto every moment of pleasure, and I hope the reader does, too. I was when I was writing it. I could hardly bear to end it. But end it I did. I'm sorry.

I'm dying to hear what your favourite bit is.

Good luck!

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catdownunder said...

(I am not sure the human who wrote the book was aware of how important Spike is until after she had finished the book. She may still be discovering this. As cats are not eligible to enter human competitions I shall put my paws here instead.)
One of the most worrying scenes is on pages 238-239 - Spike has a chapter to himself here. At this point he has real worries about Jess. There is nothing he can do for her at that point so he does the sensible thing, takes a bath and has a restless snooze. Underneath it he is still alert. He will help if he can but - you humans are not good at listening to the wisdom of cats. Life is more tails than heads for you.