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Monday, 24 May 2010


Extraordinary weirdness about the consequences of quantum physics in this video. We're all connected? I'm touching you? Help - run away now: I've got chocolate on my fingers!

WASTED BLOG TOUR - WHERE AM I TODAY? Was supposed to be over at the Edinburgh Children's Bookshop / Fidra Blog talking about the horrible feeling for an author having to go into a bookshop. Vanessa even told me I could be snarky... But there was a technical glitch and I'm going there another day.

In real life, I'm visiting St Thomas of Aquin's school, to be interviewed for Teen Titles and also do a school talk for them. Really looking forward to it!


catdownunder said...

Oh no...I LIKE chocolate. (I know, weird for a cat.) May I lick your paws? No? I have to get my own chocolate? Oh. Bother.
I virtually like Vanessa's bookshop too and would advise readers to go and visit if in Edinburgh. Best of all, I finally got my paws on the book today! But, botheration, I have a doctoral thesis to read first...miaou. Unfair.

Sulci Collective said...

"Space gives us the illusion that we aren't still touching" - I guess that's why it's called space..

Seriously though, I love all this kind of counter-intuitive logic about our existence on the physical plane. I find it a rich seam to mine for metaphors.

Thanks for sharing

On another tack completely, how do you stop your chocolate from melting when it's this hot? Or do you just skip to the chase and buy choccy ice cream? I bought my first one of the season on friday, 2 scoops choc Baskin & Robbins in a cone. As I was walking down the street to inquire of a second hand bookshop if they'd take some of my recent disappointing choices of reading material off my hands for some pin money, imagine my distress when for the first time ever in my life, the top of the cone wafer snapped off the elongated pointy bit, leaving me holding the 2 scoops in my hands and thereafter having to eat out of them like that. My thumb was quite frozen by the end and I dripped much chocolate on to my green Vans 1/2 Cabs so they no longer look pristine, but suggest I might have had a recent nose bleed. Not a good start to the Summer...



Sulci Collective said...

PS, the bookshop declined my wares...

Nicola Morgan said...

Marc - I agree about the rich seam for metaphors - I think that's the best place for such weird science. I regularly annoy serious scientists by taking something of science and trying to turn it into art. They seem to think that in doing so I'm "getting it wrong" - no, I'm neither getting it wrong nor getting it right, I'm using it and making something else.

Your ice-cream disaster sounded most graphically unpleasant! I do think ice-cream shouldn't be eaten walking around though - it stops you enjoying both the walking and the eating. As for chocolate - never eat it far from the fridge is my only advice. Bit late for your shoes though, and for your dignity.

Sulci Collective said...

I am afeared my dignity went West many moons ago.

Your scientists' rebuttals make me laugh. What else are things such as Schroedinger's Cat and String Theory, if not METAPHORS to explain what the Maths is telling them ought to be, but which they can find no material proof of to back it up? Then they resort to our language, the language of metaphorical explanation. I do concede they are rather good at it however, and feel chagrined that the majority of authors seem to have ceded them this fertile ground.

I think I'll heed your sage advice about ambulatory chocolate consumption. Just say no!