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Thursday, 6 May 2010


Recently, I was doing some sorting and clearing before moving house, and I came across the first notes I made about WASTED. I had forgotten that originally, Jess had a different name.

So, guess the name!
Was Jess originally going to be called:

1. Izzy
2. Josie
3. Laura

How to enter:
  • email your answer to with the words NAME COMP in the subject-line
  • on the closing date (May 30th), I will put all correct answers in a box, pick out a lucky winner and announce it on the site
  • then I'll ask the winner to email me with a postal address (if you're under 18, please get permission for that)
CLOSING DATE: May 30th 2010

THE PRIZE? A signed copy of Wasted OR one of my other books - your choice (as long as it's still in print).

Good luck!

What do you think, by the way? Is Jess a better name than any of those? Do you like the names Jess and Jack? In the comments below, tell me what you think and whether names are important to you in books.Can you think of a book where you've hated the main character's name? My younger daughter had a problem with Hermione in the Harry P books because all the time she was reading the first book she was saying the name wrong in her head - Herm-eye-own!

Comments and questions in the comments box below. Competition answers to the email address, please.

WASTED BLOG TOUR: WHERE AM I TODAY? Nowehere. I thought I was over on fab writer Katherine Langrish's blog, talking about whether you need luck to get published...but we changed the date so I'm there on Monday 10th.)

Physically, I'm on my way back from London today but this evening I'm visiting the teenage reading group of the Cat's Rrar blog, chatting to them about my books. I'll be posting about that on May 13th - and so will the Cat. And somehow, I've got to find time to vote...


sue said...

Yes, names are important, although if the character is interesting the name begins to fit. eg. I read a book where the main male protagonist was called Edward. I really didn't like that name (sorry to all Edwards reading this) but now, because I loved the character, I like the name.

I had the same problem with Hermione too - I'd never heard of it before and had no idea how to pronounce it.

Jesse Owen said...

This post makes me feel better - I'd never heard the name Hermione before, I didn't discover until the films that I was pronouncing it wrong (I'm glad I wasn't the only one hehe).

JJ Beattie said...

Names are crucial, aren't they?

My son was saying 'Herm ee owny'! And my husband, who's a bit dyslexic was saying 'Herm-bla bla bla.'

womagwriter said...

I don't like reading books where the main character is called Kath. Because that's MY name, and no one else can have it! I don't mind Kathy or Cath or any other possibility in books, but I'm Kath and it puts me off reading if the MC's also called Kath.

Which is all probably just a tad irrational, I know.

Nicola Morgan said...

Thanks for your comments - I've had an appallingly stressful time without proper internet access for the last few days of travelling. Am not on train home and the wifi has broken. GRRRRRRR> So am snatching some dodgy mobile signal to say hello and thank you for commenting!

Funny how many people had problems with the name Hermione!

Miriam Drori said...

Contrary to womagwriter, I particularly enjoyed reading H.G.Wells's "The History of Mr Polly" because it has a Miriam in it.

I don't think I've ever read a book in which I thought a character's name didn't fit. I'd like to hear why you changed Jess's name, Nicola.

Nicola Morgan said...

Miriam - easy answer: my then 19-year-old daughter didn't like the one I'd chosen! Mind you, if she hadn't been at home at the time when I needed to decide, I wouldn't have asked her...

Laura Marcella said...

Names are very important. I always spend a lot of time finding the perfect name (my blog post for tomorrow is about where I find character names!). Jack and Jess are great. Easy to remember and pronounce.

I don't like when names are too similar, like Sauron and Sarumon in Lord of the Rings. I kept getting those two villains confused. I mean really, it's the same name except for 2 extra letters in one of them!

Catherine Hughes said...

I had some help from Twitter to name my latest male character. My characters usally have Welsh names (but not always) and so my girl is Lois and the boy is now named Gareth. My daughter chose it. But Twitter came up with some fabulous ideas - it was just that Gareth is the one that rang true.

It's a little bit old-fashioned, too, which suits the story perfectly.