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Monday, 10 May 2010


Did you read about Fantastic Farantella yesterday? If not, go here.


I’ll give a signed copy to the (UK resident) winner of the following competition. All correct answers will be put in a hat and I’ll draw the winner at random on May 30th. If you live outside the UK, you can nominate a UK resident to receive your prize.

Farantella is not her real name. Her real name is given in the book so you can either find a copy or guess. Here are your choices:
A. Maureen
B. Noreen
C. Doreen
To enter, add your guess to the comments below - just say your answer and give a brief reason why I should pick you if you get the answer right! I want to be amused, entertained, surpised or all three. Flattery will also help. I'm only human.

Deadline is May 30th, midday UK time.

Good luck! (Though of course, only one person will actually have good luck... Why do we always says "good luck everyone" when only one person can win???)

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Clare said...

I guess Doreen but I'm writing this from memory so it could be Noreen or possibly, Maureen. Or maybe this is a trick question and it's actually Eileen?
You would love to send me a copy because you know I would donate it to the school library where its' reputation would spread like wildfire. Numerous extra copies would require to be purchased. English, Philosophy and even Physics teachers will murmur your name in awe at the miracle you have wrought in engaging their pupils in your work. Parents will applaud. The nation shall vote. YOU shall be Prime Minister!

Nicola Morgan said...

clare - I would be a USEless PM!! (But I like the sound of everything else...)

runnerbean16 said...

Guessing, from memory, i think the answer is Doreen, it sounds familiar to me! You would love to send me a copy because i could give it to a friend who would love it and then all my other friends would want to borrow it and we can all do book reports on it and the teacher will be awed by it and word will spread far and wide and it will help you on your way to WORLD DOMINATION! Also, beating my Mum would be a worthy cause ;)

Isla :)

Nicola Morgan said...

Well, now that's very interesting, isn't it? A mother and daughter enter and, having both read the book, they both get it right. So, who gave me the better reason to pick her?? Hmmm. Well, they both used flattery and they both played the "murmur your name with awe" / "world domination card". So, it's tricky. But the thing is that I have some secret information and this means that I am going to pick CLARE! And you will have to wait to discover the secret infomration...

Yes, it would have been a worthy cause to beat your mother, Isla, but your time will come, I promise (if it hasn't already...)